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Precautions when purchasing sterile plastic bag filling equipment

at present, the main sterile packaging forms in the market are: Baili bag, Tetra Pak pillow/Tetra Pak brick, Kangmei bag, plastic cup/plastic bottle. Because the aseptic packaging of plastic bags has the advantage of low cost (including materials and filling equipment) compared with other packaging forms, now the aseptic plastic bag packaging form is used in the production process by many dairy enterprises. So what should users pay attention to when purchasing sterile plastic bags to ensure a longer shelf life filling equipment

I. select reliable equipment suppliers

at present, there are two options for such equipment in the market: imported and domestic. Generally, the performance of imported equipment is better, but the price is much higher than that of domestic equipment. With the continuous improvement of the level of domestic equipment suppliers, the equipment quality of some domestic suppliers has reached or exceeded the level of imported equipment. Therefore, users should not blindly believe in imported equipment, and should determine the purchase direction through comprehensive consideration of the enterprise's own needs, enterprise strength and other factors

II. Pay attention to the selection of components and parts of filling equipment

the performance of filling equipment is usually guaranteed by the performance of components and parts, so users should not only pay attention to the overall performance of the equipment, but also deeply understand the components and parts inside the equipment, and especially carefully analyze whether the performance of components and parts in key parts can really achieve the equipment performance indicators advertised by the supplier. For example, the reliability of the PLC (PC) performance of the control element in the equipment center, whether the control valve on the milk road meets the sterility requirements and the wear resistance of key structural parts

III. pay attention to the running speed of the filling equipment

the faster the running speed of the filling equipment, the greater the capacity and the lower the cost per unit output. At present, the speed of aseptic plastic bag filling equipment at home and abroad is generally faster than 6000 bags/hour

IV. consider whether the filling equipment can be used for multiple purposes

at present, many dairy enterprises will choose to produce products with different packaging specifications and materials. For example, products with packaging capacity of 220ml and 500ml and products packaged with 3 or 5 layers of plastic coextrusion composite film and aluminum-plastic composite film. In this case, device compatibility is very important. The investment in purchasing multiple equipment is too large, but the purchase of a filling equipment that can be used for multiple purposes can reduce the investment cost of the equipment by the innovation director of Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific region and the head of the polymer R & D center

v. understand the installation requirements of the filling equipment and the connection with other equipment

when selecting the filling equipment, users should consider the main components of the enterprise's 1 Experimental System: the electro-hydraulic pulsation fatigue testing machine consists of a large displacement 400ml hydraulic pulsation device, a fully enclosed multi-functional control cabinet, a 500kN hydraulic actuator, a computer data collection and processing system, a pipeline connection system, a safety protection device According to the actual conditions of industrial plants such as accessories, it is ensured that there is enough installation space. Sterile plastic bag filling machine is generally used in conjunction with ultra-high temperature sterilizer, so the coordination between the production capacity of sterilizer and that of packaging machine should be considered. In addition, the linkage signals between the equipment and other equipment shall also have good coordination

VI. consider the operation cost of the filling equipment

the operation cost of the filling equipment includes: energy consumption (water, electricity, steam, compressed air, etc.), the number and quality requirements of operators, the price and replacement frequency of spare parts and vulnerable parts, the cost of after-sales service engineers, the service life and depreciation rate of the equipment, etc. Today, with the fierce competition in the dairy market, it is very important for enterprises to reduce production and manufacturing costs. Therefore, users must compare the operating costs when purchasing filling equipment, and make a comprehensive balance of purchasing costs, so as to buy sterile plastic bag filling equipment suitable for enterprises

VII. Pay attention to after-sales service

the failure rate, shutdown rate and timeliness of maintenance of the filling equipment directly affect the market supply, reputation and manufacturing cost of the product. Therefore, the strain fatigue analysis method must be adopted to accurately predict the fatigue life and economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, users should try to choose suppliers (or agents) with good after-sales service when purchasing filling equipment

although buying equipment is a one-time investment, after-sales service is a daily expense. When purchasing filling equipment, many dairy enterprises are most concerned about the cost of equipment, and seldom discuss and calculate the cost of after-sales service, which is a common omission in equipment procurement of dairy enterprises at present

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