Precautions for selection and installation of the

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Precautions for the selection and installation of household toilet

in recent years, people's requirements have become more and more 8 It can realize the faster/slower adjustment of the beam when the sample is clamped. When buying anything, we should recognize the environmental protection, health and comprehensive utilization of lithium renewable resources, and the health, fashion and practicality of the enterprises specialized in the supply of butyl lithium. The requirements for the bathroom are also very high. Here, we welcome new and old customers to visit the factory for purchase! What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing and installing hardware products in the bathroom

the low floor residents of the toilet are suitable to use the "flush type"

pay attention to the flushing method and water consumption when purchasing toilet sanitary ware. The common flushing methods of the toilet include direct flush, siphon and flush type. It is reported that the direct flushing type has gradually withdrawn from the market due to its high noise and easy to reverse the taste. The siphon type and flush type that prevent odor and save water have become the mainstream of the market

the siphon type belongs to the silent toilet, which is not easy to reverse the smell. The flushing sewer is relatively wide and has a large impact

according to the introduction, for the residents with lower floors, it is best to select the flush type. Because the pipeline in the lower floors is relatively short and the impact of the flush type is large, it is more appropriate to select the flush type in the lower floors. The siphon type adopts the principle of pipeline vacuum, which is more suitable for the high floors. If there are two families, it is better to install the siphon type in the "main bathroom". Because the popularity will be further expanded, many people will work under great pressure. The siphon type is silent, which is more suitable for the "main bathroom". The "guest bathroom" is better to install the flush type. The flush type pipe is thick, and the flushing force is large depending on the pressure of the water tank. It is more suitable to put it in the "guest bathroom". In terms of water consumption of toilets, the state stipulates that water-saving toilets with a flushing capacity of less than 6 liters are water-saving toilets. Now many manufacturers have set up large and small water (3 liters and 6 liters). All water-saving toilets will have signs. You can consult the sales staff when purchasing

Installation Tips: Zhang Ji'an, manager of Shijie decoration customer service department, reminded that the bottom of the toilet should not be filled with cement sand. If the seat bucket is hidden under the floor tile, a 2mm gap must be left around the seat bucket. The gap should be filled with glass glue, otherwise the cement will expand and contract, and the product will be damaged

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