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High safety operation of lifting and connecting at the top of the crane review and comment on food and beverage multi-layer plastic containers

1 The clamping length of the standard sample before jacking is short. First, the tower body section shall be prepared and assembled according to the specified jacking height. The standby tower body standard section shall be hoisted to the front of the tower crane and arranged in a line along the track axis

drive the luffing trolley to the specified position according to the data specified in the operation manual, or stop the trolley with the specified lifting load at the specified range, or move the counterweight to ensure the balance of the upper part of the tower crane. The personnel of the jacking and lifting team shall enter their respective posts as required and check the working conditions of the hydraulic unit respectively. Check whether the oil pressure is normal and whether the piston rod lifting is blocked. Each batch shall be composed of reinforcement with the same brand, furnace and tank number, specification and delivery status. Check and adjust the guide wheel clearance, dismantle the connection between the tower body section and the turntable bearing seat (or transition section), lift a tower body section and send it to the introduction track to complete the jacking preparation process

2, the jacking operation process shall be commanded by a specially assigned person, who shall take care of the power supply, operate the hydraulic unit and fasten the connectors. Generally, the nozzle and combustion chamber nozzle of F100 engine shall not be jacked at night. Pay attention to whether the cable relaxation length meets the needs, and check whether the cable movement is blocked. When the wind speed exceeds grade 6, no matter what the wind direction is, the jacking and heightening operation shall be prohibited. In case of sudden increase of wind speed during jacking, the jacking operation shall be stopped immediately and the tower shall be connected and fixed

in the process of jacking, it is forbidden to rotate the boom, and the slewing mechanism should be locked. In case of jamming or other faults, stop the machine immediately for inspection. Do not continue jacking until the fault is eliminated. During the operation of jacking up and connecting, the crew must be highly concentrated, and the head shall not extend into the range of the introduction track, so as to avoid the sudden sliding of the standard section and punching the head, resulting in life-threatening. After lifting to the specified height, the anchor shall be installed immediately and attached to the building structure. The anchoring device shall not be hoisted until it is installed properly

3. Check the closing operation after lifting and fastening the bolt connection or pin connection between the tower body sections; Readjust the clearance of the guide wheel of the jacking jacket to make the guide wheel completely out of contact with the main chord of the tower; Check whether the control handle of the hydraulic unit is turned back to the zero position; Cut off the power supply of the hydraulic jacking unit and cover the rain cover

4. Tower lowering and dismantling the jack up tower crane the process of lowering the tower body and dismantling is the reverse process of lifting and heightening. In addition to the above relevant provisions, special attention must be paid to the following points:

(1) when the wind speed is greater than grade 6, tower lowering and dismantling shall not be carried out

(2) after the standard section of the tower body is disassembled to the ground, it must be cleaned and disassembled immediately and transported away from the construction site

(3) the connection parts of the tower body shall be coated with grease and properly stored

(4) the anchoring devices of each layer must be removed one by one with the tower falling process. It is strictly prohibited to completely remove the anchoring device in advance and then drop the tower

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