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Precautions for purchase of photo jet printing

today, with the increasing popularity of digital cameras, people have an increasing demand for photo printing. In this regard, major printer manufacturers have also introduced a lot of ink-jet printers that claim to be photo grade with photo printing as a gimmick. As we know, photo level inkjet printing generally refers to those printers that can clearly print photo images. This printer has high print resolution and provides functions that are convenient for printing photos, such as LCD preview screen, multi-functional card slot, etc. In view of the increasing number of consumers who buy Photo grade inkjet printing, this paper summarizes some purchasing skills of photo grade inkjet printing for your reference

I. what print resolution is required to print photos

printer resolution is also called output resolution. It refers to the maximum number of points that can be printed per inch in both horizontal and vertical directions during printing and output. It is usually expressed in "points/inch" or dpi. Print resolution is an important indicator to measure the print quality of a printer. It determines the fineness of the printer when printing images, and its size determines the output quality of the printer. Generally speaking, the larger the resolution, the more pixels can be displayed, and more information and clearer images can be presented

in order to print photos clearly, the selected printer should have at least 1440 × 720dpi or higher resolution. In terms of resolution, there is no doubt that the resolution of today's photo printers has reached more than 1440dpi. However, it should be noted that the overall effect of photos is determined not only by the horizontal resolution, but also by the vertical resolution. According to the characteristics of human eyes, the lower the resolution, the easier it is for people to find defects. Therefore, when purchasing photo printers, we should not only focus on the larger resolution, but also on the smaller resolution

unfortunately, in order to attract buyers, printer sellers often boast that their printers can reach the highest resolution of 4800dpi. Who knows the smaller resolution of the printer is only 720dpi. The printing effect of such printers is always 1200 DPI × The effect of a 1200dpi resolution printer is almost the same, so we should pay special attention to the smaller resolution of the printer, such as the 4800 × 1200dpi、5760 × 1440dpi or even 4800 × 2400dpi resolution printer

II. Is the larger the printer resolution, the better

although the resolution of the printer is the most critical technical indicator for whether the photo printing effect is clear and delicate, we should not blindly pursue high-resolution printers when purchasing inkjet photo printers. Specifically, we need to consider their production technology, ink drop size, consumables cost control, etc. the printing resolution is sufficient. It is not appropriate to increase the purchase cost aimlessly in order to pursue higher resolution, For example, the pursuit of high prices or the most expensive products. In fact, the current desktop printer products generally reach 4800 × The resolution of 1200dpi is enough for the general household users. Of course, among the printers with similar price, if the printer with higher price has higher resolution (especially the vertical resolution), the printer with higher resolution can also be considered, as long as it meets its own budget and printing needs, and does not blindly pursue higher printing resolution

III. The resolution depends more on the ink drop size

in addition to the printing resolution, the ink drop size of the printer nozzle is also a very important indicator to determine the printing accuracy. This is because the DPI of printing resolution only represents how many ink dots can be printed per inch, but whether the printer can well control the size of printing ink dots is the key to whether the printed photo image looks grainy. Therefore, photo level inkjet printing generally needs to have small ink drops, and the size of ink drops should be controlled within 4PL (the calibration and detection of 4 Pico rise pressure testing machine are commonly used to operate any machine, and the diameter is smaller than the hair). In fact, the ink drop size is also a key indicator to determine the grade of inkjet printing, because the low-end inkjet printing is generally only 4PL ~ 6pl in ink drop size, but the medium and high-end products often have 3PL or even 2PL of ink drops. The effect of printing photos with these printers is undoubtedly better. Of course, when the ink drop size is controlled at 4PL, it is difficult for the human eye to find the sense of particles. Therefore, the printing with 4PL ink drops can also fully meet the needs of photo printing

IV. try to choose products with 6 colors or more

for photo printing, if the printer has a high resolution and the ink drop size can be controlled within a small range, a photo printer with 4 colors (black and the three primary colors of green, red and yellow) printing is also acceptable. In terms of color theory, the three primary colors can also be mixed to produce any color, but there is often a gap between theory and practice, especially in the case of printing photos with extremely rich colors, the three primary colors printing is often inadequate. Therefore, at present, many photo grade inkjet printing products have adopted 6-color or even 7, 8 and 9-color ink cartridges. In addition to the original 4-color ink cartridges, they have added light blue, light red and other colors. Such changes can make the color transition more natural and significantly improve the printing effect of photos. Therefore, if you want to get a better photo printing effect, it is recommended to use a printer with 6 colors or more ink

v. do you want an inkjet photo printer to be portable or desktop

there are two types of ink-jet photo printers: portable and desktop. As the name suggests, portable ink-jet photo printers can be separated from computers to facilitate users' mobile use. They are suitable for outdoor printing applications such as tourism and hiking, while desktop printers can only be placed indoors and connected to computers. However, portable ink-jet photo printers are often more expensive than desktop ink-jet photo printers. Moreover, portable ink-jet printers are limited to the characteristics of small size. It is difficult to design the number of ink cartridges, nozzles, motors and so on. Therefore, desktop ink-jet printers tend to have better performance and better printing effect than portable ink-jet printers. For example, currently the mainstream desktop photo inkjet printing has used 6-color ink cartridges, while the portable inkjet printing products are generally 3-color and 4-color

in terms of practicality, if users do not often need to print outdoors, it is recommended to choose a desktop inkjet photo printer, especially for most home users. This is because the capacity of the memory card is generally large (the mainstream product has reached 512MB), which is enough for users to store a large number of photos and take them home for printing. Moreover, this can also take unsatisfactory photos, Use the computer to process it. In terms of price, desktop inkjet photo printer is also the first, because about 600 yuan can have a household Desktop Photo Printer with good performance, while a portable printer generally costs more than 1000 yuan. Secondly, in terms of cost control, due to volume constraints, portable inkjet printers use small capacity ink cartridges, and it is difficult to achieve independent ink cartridges of various colors. Therefore, in terms of cost use, it is also higher than mechanical inertia small type inkjet printers

VI. precautions for purchasing photo inkjet all-in-one machine

for consumers who do not need scanning, copying and other functions (such as mass family consumers), all-in-one machine products are naturally unnecessary. However, for consumers who need scanning, copying and other applications such as SOHO family and small office units, choosing all-in-one inkjet machine can not only save space and increase added value, And it can greatly save the cost of equipment purchase, so the inkjet all-in-one machine often becomes their choice. In fact, with the increasing demand for digital photo printing, it is also the general trend to purchase an all-in-one machine that can clearly print digital photos for office units. Fortunately, the printing resolution of all-in-one inkjet machines has generally reached 4800 × 1200dpi, and has been able to meet the printing needs of photos

when purchasing an inkjet all-in-one machine, it should be noted that different products have different outstanding main performance. For example, some highlight the scanning function, while others highlight the printing function. Therefore, when purchasing an inkjet all-in-one machine, if it is intended to be mainly used for photo printing, it should focus on its printing function on the basis of ensuring that the scanning and copying functions of the product can meet the needs, Then choose an inkjet all-in-one machine with outstanding printing function. For example, pay attention to its printing resolution, ink drop size, color ink quantity, printing speed, and final picture output quality. In addition, the inkjet all-in-one machine is not the most expensive or the best, because the one that suits you is the best. In addition, you should pay attention to whether its operation is simple and convenient, whether it provides a design that is convenient for printing photos, such as whether it provides an LCD display, and whether it has a multi-in-one card reader

VII. Whether to provide appropriate photo printing function

in photo printing products, the functions applicable to printing photos mainly include providing LCD preview screen, supporting PictBridge standard, providing all-in-one card reader, and having borderless printing function. Among them, LCD preview screen is used for the operation process of hydraulic pressure testing machine. Before printing photos, preview the photos that need to be printed in the printer to ensure that the photos are correct before printing; It supports PictBridge standard, which makes it convenient for us to directly connect digital cameras of different brands with printers, so as to print the photos saved in the digital cameras; The multi in one card reader can directly connect the memory card with the printer to print out the photos saved in the memory card; With borderless printing, you can avoid the trouble and waste of printing photos that support the development of new traffic concepts such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Whether a photo printer has provided these functions, we can also know whether it has a humanized design. Secondly, the photo printing speed and support for multiple media printing are also the performance that can not be ignored when purchasing photo grade inkjet printing

VIII. Consumables that should not be ignored

using a printer is actually using ink and printing paper. For printing photos, it is necessary to select special photo paper in terms of printing paper and increase the expenditure on consumables, which can not be ignored. Therefore, we must pay attention to whether it has an advantage in the cost control of consumables when selecting and purchasing a printer. For example, before choosing a printer, first find out whether its original ink cartridge and photo paper are more expensive than those of its peers, and whether they have an advantage

in addition, generally, we should choose printers with separate black and color ink cartridges, that is, printers with split ink cartridges, so that we can make full use of different colors of ink. Secondly, if you are going to use general consumables or continuous supply system, you should also purchase printer products suitable for installing these consumables. For example, printer products that generally use integrated ink cartridges with nozzles and ink cartridges are not suitable for using general consumables and continuous supply system. At present, printers suitable for continuous supply system mainly include Epson and canon,

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