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With the intense international trade barriers and market competition, the development of sliding door profession in 2016 was relatively sluggish. However, the business invitation operation that sliding door manufacturers continue to open has not been affected. In the face of such a fierce competition, how should aluminum alloy sliding door agents respond? Here is your interpretation:

sliding door agents carry out in the face of multiple pressures

2016 is a relatively depressed year for all home building materials occupations. Sliding door sales malls have ups and downs. As sliding door agents, on the one hand, they should accept the dual pressure of malls and stores, and the profit space is becoming increasingly narrow; On the other hand, as consumers tend to be more rational and the market competition is more intense, many regional agents are in trouble, always making choices and testing again and again

sliding door agents generally believe that the severe commodity competition in the same industry, the increase of store room money and personnel costs, the insufficient support of manufacturers, the excess of stores and the lax flow of customers are the main factors affecting the surplus. A sliding door brand agent who refused to disclose his name said: "the decrease in the company's surplus in 2016 was mainly due to the aggravation of the commodity competition in the same industry and the oversupply of one store. In addition, with the economic downturn, everyone's willingness to spend decreased, as well as their poor management, resulting in lower profits."

sliding door agents need to practice their internal skills

for the development of agents, the key to improving the sales volume of stores is to add customer unit value, which is not only to ensure the number of customers entering the store, the number of customers buying and selling, but also a very important way to improve the customer unit price, which tests the overall inductive strength and ability of store operations. In addition, the service personnel in the store must try their best to improve their personal talents and essence, and it is necessary to turn the talents of good people to the service and after-sales. It is necessary to take customer satisfaction as the standard

at the sliding door shopping mall in 2017, agents still need to find their own questions, practice their internal skills, adjust their ideas, and discuss how to occupy the mall very well. Together with this, the sliding door manufacturers should also give more support to the old agents, and the agents should also have more interactive exchanges. As long as all links understand and accommodate each other, and strive to create an outstanding environment, we can achieve win-win results





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