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At present, the area of many owners' houses is not very large, so it is difficult to safely discharge the space for guest bedrooms, so many people will put a simple sofa bed in the hall, which can be used as a sofa or a bed to meet the needs of multi-function use. So how should we choose the right simple sofa bed? Now let's have a specific understanding with Xiaobian

purchasing skills of simple sofa bed I

before purchasing a sofa bed, we must first measure the specific size of the sofa bed. Many people have to return and exchange the sofa they bought because they failed to measure the size properly. In addition, the size of the sofa bed should also adapt to the curve of human physiological structure. We should choose a sofa bed that is comfortable for sitting and lying. Xiaobian suggested that you had better sit on it and experience it yourself

purchasing skills of simple sofa bed II

sofa bed beds should not only meet the needs of people to sit, but also meet the needs of people to lie down, so the structure of sofa beds must be strong enough to ensure the safety of users. Xiaobian suggested that you uncover the base lining for inspection to see whether the wood is smooth. A good wood frame should have no traces of moths, scars, and decay

tips for choosing a simple sofa bed III

when choosing a sofa bed, we'd better lie down and experience it personally to see if the spring pad of the bed is too soft. If the spring mattress is too soft, people will have low back pain after lying for a long time, and the mattress with moderate soft and hard feel can evenly distribute the weight of the human body, strengthen the support ability of the spine, and alleviate physical fatigue

purchasing skills of simple sofa bed IV

in addition to the above points, we should also pay attention to these points when choosing sofa bed: whether the fabric of sofa bed is thick and durable; Whether the warp and weft lines of the fabric are tight, meticulous and smooth; Whether the stitches of adjacent fabrics are even and straight; Whether the wrapping cloth is flat, and whether the transition between armrest and seat surface and backrest is natural and smooth, without wrinkles, etc

after mastering the above points, you can basically buy sofa beds with qualified quality. At present, there are many styles of sofa beds on the market, and the price is between 500-2000 yuan. You can choose the right sofa bed according to your preference and budget. The above is about the sharing of the price of simple sofa bed and the purchasing skills of simple sofa bed. If you have more questions, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to the information





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