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Hangzhou netizen: xiadaoaofei

Room Type: one bedroom and one living room

building area: 53 square meters

usable area: 48 square meters

decoration budget: 50000-60000

contracting method: half package

decoration company: Provincial Hospital (that is, I am LP)

Designer: LP adult

construction team: Hangwen construction team (found on)

Supervisor: sign up to participate, Unsuccessful

commencement date: July 9, 2007

netizens' comments:

today, July 9, 2007, finally started

for many reasons, we only buy a 53 square second-hand house, which is really useless except for the location. But after all, their humble abode, LP decoration enthusiasm is still very high. Because the house is very small, we don't want to spend too much money on it, but we don't have time to shop around. Fortunately, we found it. Whether it's the lowest price here or not, at least it saves a lot of thought

the house is small. LG doesn't like complex things. It stresses function in everything. The typical Bauhaus style tends to be what I like

but it's good. It's convenient to pack up in the future. It's also very simple and convenient to change your feeling. Just move the soft clothes. It's OK to live for a long time like this. Without initial experience, there will be no aesthetic fatigue and no tiredness. In addition, if the function and spatial arrangement are reasonable, I will like it more and more

I think there should be a lot of second-hand TX. I hope our daily account can give you some reference. The day it is to be completed

add: what we decorate is the “ Hangwen ” Construction team, we will introduce the progress of the project and the cooperation, communication and exchange between the two sides at any time, hoping to provide some references to other homeowners

decoration approval drawing (original house type drawing)

Room Layout: such a small room, design is very important, to increase space utilization

detailed decoration list on November 2, 2007

the cabinet (ostley) 4080 (4130-50) used a 50 yuan voucher, and the cabinet itself is 3405 (880*3.87); Add two glass doors, three pairs of air supports, one pull blue, and guarantee something, a total of 675. This item seriously exceeds the standard

Yuba (OPP) 330 special price model, according to the boss, is the same as more than 700 models, but it's an old model. It doesn't matter

the price of exhaust fan (OP) 190 is 238, and the price of Bai'an Curie seems to be 198. Fortunately, it's not too expensive

ceramic tile (Marco Polo) 3011 (2500+713-202) toilet 2.9*1.6; Kitchen 2.5*2.7, floor

sink (OULIN) 1050 special, the original price is more than 1900, which is more suitable, and a small cutting board is also given

faucet and shower (Moen) 1598 are also special packages. One large shower + one handheld shower + one faucet = 999; A basin faucet 500; It seems that there are two 3-way pipes. Anyway, it seems that I was a little impulsive at that time

construction 20000 no time to compare, full trust! Half includes labor, cement sand, paint, cabinet and bathroom ceiling, wood (the main material of the wardrobe is fir integrated board), knocking on the wall, garbage removal &hellip& hellip; Excluding the main materials of water and electricity, it is absolutely not cheap. Later, 1500 ceiling money and 1500 paint money were added. Dulux gold 5 in 1, the best wood paint in purple gold flowers

water heater (Si Di




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